How Digital Currencies Are Disrupting Finance

In recent months, we’ve been monitoring how cryptocurrency and blockchain are disrupting the finance industry and our Catalyst platform tracks topics such as Bitcoin and the growth of Ethereum. Ethereum has been making a lot of noise lately because the digital currency has been tipped to become bigger than Bitcoin. Ethereum prices have steadily climbed since March…even a few of our team have bought some! 

Source: The Atlas
Though it’s not all smooth sailing and this week saw Ethereum fall below $200 – down 50% since its all-time high and some analysts are predicting the bubble may burst. While Bitcoin is all about online payments, Ethereum is a platform for running decentralized apps (aka smart contracts). For the big banks, Ethereum presents an interesting opportunity to leverage the technology for real-world applications.One of the best explanations we’ve seen is this video by CNBC. It illustrates why Ethereum is the next digital currency to watch and how it’s leveraged by high street banks. For example, Barclays is using Ethereum’s smart contracts to trade derivatives.
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